Monday, February 4, 2013

Lowongan Kerja Astra Honda Motor - PT AHM

Astra Honda Motor
Astra Honda Motor - PT AHM is a company manufacturing & distribution of the largest motorcycle in Indonesia, with the number of employees more than 10,000 people. In accordance with the vision of the company, PT Astra Honda Motor is always working to provide the best mobility solution that is able to meet customer needs with world-class management system.

For that we need the best human resources in a creative, innovative, competitive and ready to join in achieving that goal. In HR management, PT Astra Honda Motor has a system of management of human resources professionals with the principles of Fair Internally and Externally Competitive accompanied by the development of human resources through training programs and other development and a clear career path in line with the development of the motorcycle business increased.

Every person at PT Astra Honda Motor valued in accordance with the achievements and potential, if you are a person who meets the desired qualifications, we wait for your presence to join PT Astra Honda Motor

Facing the challenges of the motorcycle market in Indonesia intensifies, PT Astra Honda Motor requires human resources in a creative, competitive, and innovative. For that PT Astra Honda Motor opens career opportunities in the manufacturing of the world with a career system Internally and Externally Competitive Fair.

PT Astra Honda Motor are invites the best candidates to join as following positions :

Job overview:
  • Responsible for process design flow line
  • Making Engineering Drawing Machinery / Equipment / Facilities & Infrastructure / Inspection Jigs
  • Make Standard use of the material / tools / equipment
  • Having passed D3 majoring in Mechanical Engineering / Electronics / Electrical (Power Lines) / Civil / Mechatronics / Chemical Engineering
  • GPA Min 3:00
  • Max age 25 years
  • Mastering CAD software properly
  • Orientation to quality
  • Understanding the function of the engine / jigs / tools / infrastructure
  • Know the types of components and materials
  • Understanding the manufacturing process
  • Having a good team work
Job overview:
  • Analyze and control adequacy warehouses and dealers MD
  • Analyzing the quality of delivery and storage unit in MD
  • Provide improvement in terms of quality improvement post
  • Communicate with MD, expeditions and other parties involved in the distribution process unit
  • Having passed / final semester majoring in Industrial Engineering / Operations Management / Marketing
  • GPA 3:00; Age max 27 years
  • Analytical and Logical Thinking Has good
  • Having the ability to communicate well
Job overview:
  • Ability to learn and understand both the business processes and systems used.
  • Ability to organize and prepare for the needs of POC with vendors
  • Documenting and help report POC
  • Tidying architecture related documents such as procedures, standards.
  • Having passed / S1 final semester of Information Management / Information Technology / Electrical Engineering
  • GPA 3.00.
  • Age max 27 years.
  • Knowing the technique of IT hardware and software used AHM.
  • Has good presentation skills.
  • Able to communicate well.
  • Having good analytical skills.
if you are interested please apply online click here Lowongan Kerja Astra Honda Motor - PT AHM

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