Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Lowongan Kerja Asuransi Kredit Indonesia (ASKRINDO)

ASKRINDO is a state owned enterprise (BUMN) with over 40 years of experience in supporting the development of Indonesia’s micro, small and medium enterprises through credit insurance and loan underwriting. To date, PT Asuransi Kredit Indonesia (ASKRINDO) provides customers with a range of credit guarantee and insurance credit products in addition to advisory services to assist clients with credit management. Throughout the decades, the company’s product and service portfolio has expanded and evolved to execute the government’s socio-economic programs and meet the needs of Indonesia’s changing business environment.

Under new management from 2011 with a clearly defined vision and mission, ASKRINDO has repositioned itself as a competitive and reliable company that effectively balances its commitments to developing Indonesia’s MSMEs with its commercial goals. Through the use of latest technology to analyze data from the extensive branch network and its team of dedicated and experienced professionals, ASKRINDO has established best practices in insurance claim management and risk assessment.

ASKRINDO works in tandem with the banking and finance industry to facilitate lending to Indonesia’s burgeoning MSMEs to realize their domestic and international trade aspirations. While remaining focused on Indonesia, the growing demand for trade and export credit insurance opens up the opportunity for partnerships with international trade agencies, insurance and reinsurance companies.

PT Asuransi Kredit Indonesia (ASKRINDO) operating in the field of insurance with office throughout Indonesia requires the best candidates as: 
  1. Direktur Utama
  2. Direktur Teknik & Operasional
  3. Direktur Keuangan
  4. Manager SMD
  5. Manager Keuangan
  6. Marketing Manager
  7. Manager IT
  8. Staff
General Requirements
  • Male, with max age 48 years old (1, 2, and 3)
  • Male/Female, with max age 40 years old (4, 5, 6, and 7)
  • Male/Female, with max age 30 years old
  • Min S1 (Special for no 3 S1 in Accounting)
  • Min 3 years as leader in related directorate/divisions (1, 2, and 3)
  • Mastering in Sharia field (1, 2, and 6)
  • Min 2 years as Manager in related field (4, 5, 6, and 7)
  • Fluent in English (1 - 7)
  • Able to create and manage system, application program and data warehouse (7)
  • Mastering in MS Office Word, Excel, Power Point (5, 7, and 8)
  • Diligent, responsible, honest, and willing to work hard (1 - 8)
please attach your application with CV, copy of academic certificate, academic transcripts, 1 sheet of 3x4 photograph, write the position title on top – right corner of the envelope to:
Divisi SDM - PO BOX 3693 JKP 10036
For detailed information please click here Lowongan Asuransi Kredit Indonesia (ASKRINDO)

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