Friday, October 5, 2012

Lowongan Kerja Indonesia Power

PT Indonesia Power
PT Indonesia Power a corporate citizen that grows and develops along with the community, Indonesia Power operates the business intertwining and iterweaving with the stackeholders interest to include the environmental quality, ecology protection and continuing strive for sustainable development.

Through participative approach, based on continuing local community and recources, referring to the prevailing acts and regalations on environment, the company builds a scheme of communty development and environmental preservation, conveying fostering environmental awareness and ethusiasts among the communty.

the conduct of ethical codes of the program is based on mutual respect to the local community rights, including the traditional people and community living surrounding the company's operational areas. The company also coorporates with the regional government in pay respect to the culture, minimizingnegative effect as well as enabling transfer of advantage and enhancing opportunities for the economic development of local region.

PT Indonesia Power one company engaged in the national electricity sector in Indonesia requires manpower vocational education graduates (SMK/D1) in engineering machinery, Electrical, Electronics, Chemical and Civil dedicated to fill the position as a Maintenance Technician, Generator Operator, and Field of other qualifications and requirements as follows:

Online Registration Period 01 - October 14, 2012
Only the best candidates will be invited
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